Summit Sounds Studio | Students
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Summit International School of Ministry is excited to offer instruction in music technology, which includes the elements From live studio recording to latching on protocls, I was stretched...which is what I needed of studio recording and live sound. If you are an artist, worship leader, aspiring producer, sound engineer, or just interested in learning more about what makes recorded music and live sound work well, this would be a great class for you.



MUSIC TECHNOLOGY I: Designed for students who would like to learn introductory music production and composition techniques using Pro Tools, this course is well suited for the singer songwriter and offers hands-on and interactive instruction. Upon completion, students will have basic knowledge of what elements constitute a mix, and how to apply them to a project. Knowledge of Mac’s OS X and basic computer navigation is recommended.
I am happy for everything I learned. Am happy that I know how to create my music and mixTopics covered in MUSIC TECHNOLOGY I:
-What’s a DAW
-Arranging in Pro Tools
-Editing and understanding the edit tools
-Recording and editing MIDI
-Audio & miking technique
-Intro to EQ and compression
-Panning & time based processing
-Develop healthy problem solving techniques to common edit and mix issues
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MUSIC TECHNOLOGY II: Designed for students who have previously completed Music Production I or for those who have ample experience using DAW’s and in audio engineering. This course will have an equal focus on recording and mixing both in studio and live environments. This class is well suited for the singer songwriter and the audio enthusiast.

Topics covered in MUSIC TECHNOLOGY II:
-Mixing live sound from set up to tear down
-Miking drums/bass/vocals/guitars
-Understanding signal flow
-EQ’ing speakers/mixes
-Using effects
-Recording and editing studio recordings
-Advanced editing in pro tools
-Automation and time correction
-Balancing and exporting a mix